About Us

BrandPax help businesses, large or small create a connection between their brand and customers through branded greaseproof wraps and packaging.

BrandPax delivers affordable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable printed packaging to its customers. Our brand of printed papers is part of our full packaging portfolio available to clients within the food and gift sectors. You can choose from printing full colour images directly on to the wrap material in addition to being able to print spot pantone, metallic and half tones. Our clients are of all shapes and sizes across many different sectors

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – exceed customer expectation. In this ever increasingly competitive world, only those businesses who do this will continue to thrive. This is the cornerstone of our philosophy, by ensuring we continually exceed our customers’ expectations in the 3 key areas of trading – service, quality & pricing.We do this by becoming a supply partner to our customers rather than merely a supplier.

Customer Service

We will look after you every step of the way and we are proud of the long term relationships we build with our clients and the work we do with them.

Dos & Don’ts

  • We do tailor our approach to each individual client. Every client or job requires a unique approach
  • We do specialise. We specialise in communication. Our broad client base and integrated offer keep our eyes and minds wide open
  • We do make things simple, easy to understand and take onboard. We think this makes communication more powerful
  • We do realise that nothing ever stands still. So we’re always learning, developing and pushing boundaries
  • We don’t apply formulas or try to push one client’s success story onto another.
  • We don’t specialise. We don’t limit ourselves to specialising in specific markets and sectors because we would become stagnant.
  • We don’t use buzz words, marketing speak, smoke and mirrors or try to bamboozle with science. It just gets in the way.
  • We don’t think we know all the answers or consider ourselves the finished article.

Our Values and Beliefs That Drive Us

01 / Put courage, creativity, meaning & heart into everything you do.
02 / Great design isn’t just seen, it’s felt.
03 / There are no mistakes, only opportunities.
04 / In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity
05 / The answer is right in front of you posing as a problem.
06 / Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.
07 / The greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising when we do.
08 / Fortune favors the bold.
09 / Don’t be a slave to the ordinary.
10 / Remember the fire in your belly.
11 / If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough.
12 / You can never walk out on your own story.